My Favorite 2016 Xmas Songs

Christmas is already next week! I don’t know how this year went by so fast!

December means endless Christmas shopping and ads but also the same Christmas songs. I love some of them but we do need new music too!

Here is my top 5 from this year!

5. Jessica – Wonderland

A new kind of Christmas Wonderland.


4. Heize – Star (저 별)

I know Star is not really a Christmas song but I’ll still add it to this list.
Heize’s voice is beautiful and the lyrics are great. Stars remind me of Christmas and I don’t want anything with too many jingle bells!


3. Haha, Oh My Girl, M.TySON – White (화이트)

A Christmas song made in reggae style.


2. Baek A Yeon & JB of Got7 – Just Because (그냥 한번)

“I just keep thinking about you.”

A song about missing your past love along with some Christmas sounds.


1. Junggigo, Mad Clown, Hyunseung, Kihyun & more-Love Wishes (누가 그래)

“Who says that I like you?
Who said such thankful words
Don’t know who it is
I tried not to show it
but how did that person know how I feel?”

Merry Christmas everyone!

Find my last year’s favorites here; Best Christmas Songs from 2015



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