The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji

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One day Reiji (Ikuta Toma) is fired from the police force over disciplinary issues. He is then sent on a secret mission as a mole to the Sukiyakai gang. He rises through the ranks but can he get the evidence he needs?


The first minutes of this movie I was like what the heck am I watching. Then suddenly everything clicked together and I liked this movie. It was funny in an odd way but Reiji was also made a great yakuza and to be honest I’m weak to a good baddie.

The acting (and the whole movie) was made in an over the top way but it fit it. What else could we expect from Takashii Mike, really? The movie is one of his less bloody ones but it still has his signature on it. Reiji was a hilarious trouble maker that one can’t help but fall in love with.


In the end I’m really glad I watched this. Undercover Agent Reiji is worth a watch with its unique humor and action. Ikuta Toma looked great in yakuza wear. I can’t wait for the upcoming sequel!!


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