Currently Watching; High-End Crush (고품격 짝사랑)


The Greatest One-Sided  Love No One Has Ever Seen Before (아무도 본 적 없는 고품격 짝사랑) (I can’t get over this alternative name!!) is a web drama (15 min long episodes) about a man who has it all and when he falls for a girl for the first time he has to experience the pains of a one-sided love.

This is actually the third or fourth time (I lost count…) I’m re watching this web drama. Why?

The adorable craziness that is Choi Se Hoon.


Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) is a self-centered and pessimistic CEO of an entertainment company.

“What are you saying? Do you know how hard it is to live like I do?
I’m the only one that’s right.
I’m always right.
Why am I good at everything?
Why am I the best?
Why doesn’t anything go right when I’m not there?
Try to tell me that I’m wrong here.”


He believes that he can get everything he wants and do whatever he wants. He pushes other people’s buttons verbally and physically. The doctor’s diagnosis for him is “crazed arrogance”. He is the first guy I’ve seen to drive his therapist to see a therapist.


His rants and the scenes he made were pure gold. He steals the screen every time he appears with his lovableness. However he is pretty bored with his life until….

“People become lethargic because there’s nothing else they want. They lose interest once they realize that they can have everything they wish. The solution is easier than you think. You just need to find something that you can’t have.”

…he meets Yoo Yi Ryeong (Jin Se Yeon) the one thing he can’t have.

Choi Se Hoon falls for her the minute he sees her. Her natural fresh image and good nature pull him to her like a magnet. True to his nature he doesn’t give up on her and chases her with all his might.
And this brings me to what I love about this show. Choi Se Hoon is so adorable in his one-sided love that it really does deserve to be called The Greatest One-Sided  Love No One Has Ever Seen Before. He does whatever he can; he tries to tempt her to his company, buys her flowers and opens doors but nothing seems to work. He listens to sad songs depressed and obsess over everything he did. He was just sigh. I’ll just place hearts here ❤ ❤ <3. Love him.


Even though he might be a hard person to get along with there’s one person who stays with him. His dedicated subordinate Section Chief Heo (Lee Shi Eon).


Chief Ho is a humorous character I can’t help but love. He tries his best to help his boss with his love.

I hope that more people would watch this drama and see how great it is. The plot, music, everything is amazing.

Find my review for this drama here. 


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching; High-End Crush (고품격 짝사랑)

  1. Hello! Ahahha I so loved this show too!! Yes the Greatest One-Sided Love Affair! The leads esp the guy is just lovable and so is the girl! I liked this very much becuase it is just short, crisp, light, romantic at times, but it just goes straight to my heart.

    Thank you for writing about this! I hope too that people will discover this gem of a short drama!


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