Guns & Talks (킬러들의 수다)


Four assassins for hire Sang Yeon (Shin Hyun Joon), his little brother Ha Yeon (Won Bin), Jung Woo (Shin Ha Kyun), and Jae Yeong (Jung Jae Young) can kill anyone if they’re paid to but still wonder why people want to kill each other.


“We’re killers. People hire us to kill someone. I don’t know why people are so eager to kill somebody but seeing so many people coming to us I’m sure that we’re needed in this world now.”

For me Guns & Talks is a classic.Won Bin’s narration, the amazing job all the actors do and the plot keep me coming back to this movie. The story follows all the men and how they see life. They’re not ordinary movie hitmen; they’re like regular guys who watch the morning news together and then start their day.


All the actors are well-known now and even young Gong Hyo Jin has a role. The four male leads are a great combo; their boss is the responsible one, his little brother has yet to touch a gun and is emotional and a little naive. Jae Young is an excellent sniper who confesses his every hit to a priest. Jung Woo is temperamental hot head who acts before he thinks and usually works with bombs.


The movie doesn’t have an explosive plot line but the chemistry, acting, and humorous and simultaneously serious plot make this a must watch.


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