Hot Road


Kazuki (Nounen Rena) has trouble at home. While following a friend she meets Haruyama (Tosaka Hiroomi) a leader of a motorcycle gang. The two fall in love.


I watched Hot Road on a whim but I don’t think I’m ever going to recover. The love story between this unlikely pair was real, touching, beautiful and sometimes sad. The movie was amazing.


Hot Road seems like a usual romcom at first but it creeps up on you. The pain and stories of live and the difficulties it brings were palpable throughout the movie. The actors bring out the emotions behind the characters’ stories and make you laugh and cry with them.


I hope this pair stays together forever.

The movie shows the times when we don’t feel loved and just need someone to pick us up. The times when all we need  is that one person who can break through to us and bring us back when we don’t think we can make it ourselves. Hot Road makes us think that everything is going to be over and then it promises us a better, brighter future.

Hot Road sped its way to my heart.



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