Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Erika (Nikaido Fumi) lies to her friends that she has a boyfriend. When they start to want to see his picture she takes a photo of a handsome boy on the street and then runs away. Unfortunately it turns out that he, Kyouya (Yamazaki Kento) is a popular student from the same school as her. When she gets caught by him he becomes her fake boyfriend and she becomes his dog.

As far as live actions go this was not the worst but nowhere near being the best either. It’s about high school romance and works the same way every other one works. The acting wasn’t bad but it was seriously hindered by the filming. It was shaky and badly planned. When Erika and Kyouya were having a conversation this was how far from the camera they were. We could only hear their voices and not see anything…..


The arrow is pointing at where they supposedly are…

If you can live with the camera work and like live actions or the original manga I suggested you give Wolf Girl and Black Prince a chance.



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