Bad Guys Always Die (나쁜놈은 반드시 죽는다)


Three Chinese friends travel to Korea to meet their friend. On the way they stop to help a woman after a car accident. Two of them are taken hostages and the other two mistaken for murderers. Can they make their way out alive with professional hit men after them?


This Chinese-Korean co-production was like a crime version of Hangover. Minus the drinking of course. Everything that can go wrong went wrong for these guys. I watched this movie for Chen Bo Lin and Shin Hyun Joon but other than that I was disappointed.

At points the movie was funny but I think the writers tried to make the movie have a great plot rather than just going with what they got right; humor.


Seriously, this movie could have been a lot better if they focused more on humor. Two tourists who can’t speak Korean or English are left alone and run from the police while gaining the title “the most cunning criminals a police of 30-years has seen”. Then we have a priest, a professional killer with some issues and Chen Bo Lin speaking Korean with a cute accent. A pretty good combination to start with I think. Still even with the acting being good, the movie was a bland ok.


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