Life Risking Romance (목숨 건 연애)


Jae In (Ha Ji Won) is a mystery novelist with a habit of calling 911 too often. With her lifelong best friend Rok Hwan (Chun Jung Myung) she goes after a serial killer in the hope of gaining a story for her book. Then a mysterious man called Jason (Chen Bo Lin) appears before them. Is he her dream romance or the killer?


Life Risking Romance is a funny thriller comedy with an amazing cast. Chun Jung Myung is a police officer that does everything he can for his crush and best friend, Ha Ji Won keeps seeing crime everywhere and Chen Bo Lin is the handsome stranger surrounded by mystery. These three have amazing chemistry together and they make the movie thrilling.


One of the best parts of the movie is that we can’t be sure about who the real killer is until the end. I kept changing my mind and suspecting even my suspicion.

Chen Bo Lin really excelled in 2016. In Bad Guys Always Die he spoke Korean (pretty well I might add) and here he speaks good English. Love ❤


Life Risking Romance movie was an excellent crime/comedy/thriller that everyone will enjoy.


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