Plan Man (플랜맨)


Jung Suk (Jung Jae Young) is a librarian who plans everything in his life. He times his life with his watch and disinfects the world around him. He has a crush on a convenience store clerk but when he finally gathers the courage to confess, she tells him she wants someone different from him. So Jung (Han Ji Min) is the complete opposite of Jung Suk: free-spirited, spontaneous and a musician. She helps Jung Suk to change his ways.

I liked Jung Suk’s character a lot. He had OCD but he was helpless with it. On one hand he didn’t want to change and was happy but on the other hand he was lonely and unhappy. Jung Jae Young did a great job portraying his character and the awkwardness and panic of Jung Suk when he ends up in a situation he hates. Han Ji Min was funny and a complete opposite of Jung Suk. She was carefree and that was a perfect counter for Jung Suk.

Plan Man is a funny comedy that is sure to make everyone who watches it laugh. I loved the songs So Jung made; they were true and still catchy about mundane, everyday things. I’m still singing married man!


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