Commitment (동창생)


A young North Korean boy (T.O.P from Big Bang) is made to be a spy and sent to the South. He does everything he is ordered to do in order to see his sister (Kim Yoo Jung) again but is it enough?


Once again T.O.P shines with his acting. A cried a river at his portrayal of Ri Myung Hoon. He was alone and scared, completely lost about what was happening around him but he was so committed to seeing his sister again that he could turn himself into a killer if that’s what it took. He was a smart and caring kid who couldn’t turn his back on someone who needed help.


The plot was great. We can see the whole story behind Ri Myung Hoon and why he does what he does. T.O.P completely stole the show with his acting; he was soft and hard enough for this role. I’m left speechless.


In the end this movie really shows that there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for our loved ones and that it always isn’t so clear as to who really is a bad guy.


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