Currently Watching; Naked Fireman (맨몸의 소방관)


Han Jin Ah (Jung In Sun) is an artist who lost her parents to a murderer ten years ago. All she remembers is the scar the man had on his back. She starts to search for a model that has a scar like he did. He finds Kang Chul Soo (Lee Joon Hyuk), a firefighter who has a similar scar on his back. Is he the killer or not?

What a way to name a drama. There is no way that someone can skip this drama. A firefighter who has to pose as a nude model to save a dying friend. And the drama only has four episodes so we’re promised progress from episode 1.


Han Ji Ah is traumatized by what she saw as a child. When the police failed to catch the murderer she attended therapy to get her lost memories back. Now that she remembers, she is not going to let the killer escape.


Kang Chul Soo is the man receiving suspicion. At first everything he does seems to make him look even more guilty but is he really a bad guy..?

He is known among his fellow firefighters as a hot head who can’t walk away from a fight. He is sometimes easily agitated but he also looks after the ones he cares for with all he’s got. He agrees to become Han Ji Ah’s half-naked model in order to get money for his sick friend.


Oh Sung Jin (Park Hoon) is Kang Chul Soo’s childhood friend and among the suspects. He is also dating Han Ji Ah’s aunt.


So what can Naked Fireman offer besides a shirtless fireman?

Romance, laughs and plot twists you will not see coming. The story is moving forward with a great pace and I find myself enjoying Naked Fireman more than I thought.

I still don’t have it in me to google it though.


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