Goblin Review – I’ll Come as the Rain

This article contains spoilers.


Well Goblin is finally over and I can sigh from relief. Goblin might have captured the viewers’ hearts but most of the time I found it to be depressing.


Don’t go hating me just yet and read on.


Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) walked the earth for 900 years waiting for his revenge and his bride who could give him death. When she arrived we got this;


He was torn and depressed. “Should I be with her or not? If I’m with her she’ll die, if I kill myself I can’t be with her. I should pray to God to give us a chance…..” etc. I think you see the pattern.

And don’t get me wrong here. I did like Kim Shin despite his depressing periods. What really ruined this set up though was the last episode. Everyone died and in the end he was left alone despite already going through his suffering. I felt so bad for him. He had suffered for so long and then he is alone in the end. Does this make sense?? Yes, Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) did come back after he waited 30 years, but the spark wasn’t there in this reunion for me.


Now let’s move on to something that actually captured me in this drama. Wang Yeo.


This man. Whether he was the Grim reaper without a past or the dark king Wang Yeo I loved his character. There is no specific reason for it; somehow his pain and repentance touched me the most.


Even in his next life Wang Yeo can’t escape being called a grim reaper.

The fact that he and Sunny didn’t get together in this life but in the next sucked but at the same time I loved it. It brought depth to their situation; they weren’t able to move on from the past in this life but they were given a new chance to be happy together in the next. I would watch a whole drama that starred these two; an actress and a police man who are crazy for each other.


Just the way he looks at her tells you that they’re meant to be.

In addition to Lee Dong Wook, the bromance and the top-notch humor the writer and actors were able to create were great about this drama.

“Goodness. I actually grew fond of him.”



Lee Dong Wook made me shoot hearts from my eyes with of his stoic face and unexpected, priceless reactions but also his bromance with the goblin really brightened things up from time to time.

“Your previous life doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you did or who you were in your previous life. No matter what you did, I’ll hate you just the same.”


You guys are cool whether you’re saving someone or getting green onions.

So maybe in the end Goblin wasn’t a lost cause despite the few loose ends.


It had its points and based on the amount of screen shots I took and laughs I had I think it was worth it.


Just one more Wang Yeo for the road.



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