Kpop Top 50 (2016)

It’s time to look back on the past year. At first I was suspicious if I would have enough material to make a music list but I was way too optimistic! When I started listing there were so many good songs from this year!

Still (and I’m so proud of myself for actually being able to do this) I managed to comb out only the best. So this the top 50 with a few new rules I created;

  1. the song needs to be released this year (obviously)
  2. if I didn’t play it on repeat, it’s not on this list (cruel but I have to do this)
  3. only one song per artist / group the only exception being sub units which I count in this case as another group
  4. OST songs will not be included because they deserve a list of their own (read it here)

I’m sad that I couldn’t fit everything into a list but that would be pointless because the list would be endless.

The songs are not in any order. Enjoy!

You can view the list straight from You Tube through this link.

Here are the top 3 albums from this year that everyone should listen to.

3. Sechskies – Re-Album


I loved this album! Sechskies’ old songs are rerecorded as a “modern” version and they rock. Sechskies proves that age is just a number; it can’t limit you. These songs were amazing with lyrics so touching that I was amazed.

2. Big Bang – M.A.D.E


The MADE album really spans two years. Some of the songs were released earlier but that didn’t lessen their charm when this album FINALLY come out. It was a long wait but it was worth it.

1. Ft.Island – Where’s the Truth?


Where’s the Truth is a real hidden gem from a seriously underrated band. The boys of Ft Island have really found their sound with their last two albums. The music and lyrics are breath-taking. They’re inspiring and comforting. There’s no limit to them.

What were your favorite songs from last year?


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