Legend of the Blue Sea Review

This review contains spoilers. Read my Currently Watching article here.


Legend of the Sea has finished it run and it did it brilliantly.


The plot, acting and pace was amazing right to the end. I loved so many things about this drama. At first what really captured me was the hilarious antics of our mermaid Shim Cheong but after each episode I grew to like this drama more than I did before.


Jun Jae was a great swindler. I loved his hypnotism tactic and his wits. Even after meeting Cheong he continued on his path and didn’t experience some sudden, almost miracle, change.

I was really positively surprised by Lee Min Ho’s acting. I didn’t really hold any expectations for him but after seeing this drama I can actually say that he can act. Jun Jae was a lighthearted character on the surface but I think that Lee Min Ho managed to really portray him well even in the sad and heartbreaking scenes.


Although I didn’t like the fact that Cheong erased Jun Jae’s memories I’m glad she returned so quickly and the two can have a happy ending in this life. My favorite part of Cheong still is her right in the beginning when she came to land.

Now what really made Legend of the Blue Sea great along with our main couple was it’s great supporting characters and cast.


Lee Ji Hoon was impressive as Heo Chi Hyun. He might have been the bad guy but there is no way that you couldn’t sympathize with him. He wanted a father who would recognize and accept him. In the end he only got a scheming mom and an end he didn’t really deserve.

“Mother… That you’re my mother, it was a curse for me.”


Lee Ji Hoon was amazing in his role. He too could really show the emotions and especially the conflict his character had; he wanted to be a good son but he couldn’t because he loved his mother. He wanted to succeed but he couldn’t bear his conscience and killed himself.


Jun Jae’s roommates and partners in crime, Tae Oh and Jo Nam Doo, were fun characters.


Jo Nam Doo was a real career criminal. He just couldn’t stay away from it and he had no trouble with committing crimes. In the end he tried to walk the line and did it in his own way. As the saying goes; those who can’t, teach.

“One can’t avoid death but I can avoid tax.”


I was positive that he was going to end up betraying Jun Jae but he didn’t! I love these unexpected plot twists!

Tae Oh you’re the cute one!

Tae Oh was a whole another chapter. He was an absolute cutie! He was a quiet observer and protector. He was adorable and luckily he found his own love too.


Legend of the Blue Sea managed to mix the past and present in an amazing way. I would say it was a lovely rom com but it was more. It had great humor and thrill in it. I was either breathless by the plot or laughing my butt off! Legend of the Blue Sea proved to be more than its big name cast, just like I hoped it would.



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