Currently Watching; Introverted Boss (내성적인 보스)


Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin) is extremely introverted. Unfortunately he also is the CEO of Korea’s best PR firm. Because no-one knows him in the company, he is surrounded by rumors. He avoids all contact with other people. Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo) is the sister of Hwan Ki’s previous secretary who committed suicide. She has decided to find out why her sister killed herself. Char Ro Woon is convinced that her cold boss sucked her dry, but is that what really what happened?

Introverted Boss, or My Shy Boss, is nothing like I expected it to be. I was waiting for a really light office romantic comedy, like Protect the Boss. So is Introverted Boss good or not? I don’t really know.


This is how I feel watching this drama…


Our shy boss is quiet. In reality, in contrast to his employees’ believes, he is a warm and caring guy. He comes off as cold and uncaring because of his inability to convey his feelings but he tries to protect everyone he cares about. He is hurt by the fact that people see him as an uncaring boss but every time he tries to change his ways things only become worse.


Chae Ro Woon is a loud and social actress wannabe. She is dead set on finding the person responsible for her sister’s suicide. She is convinced that the cause is the icy boss who no-one has seen. She refuses to believe any other explanation and just continues calling him a psychopath.

Now, if I may, I would like to quote Kang Chul (from W) here;

“Everyone looks at the  appearance instead of looking at the context and believe it as a fact.”

Wake up woman!!! No matter how hard you try Hwan Ki is not even remotely cold or uncaring. Chae Ro Woon refuses to believe her own eyes and Hwan Ki’s behavior. She is completely blinded by rumors and what everyone else is saying.


I feel for you Hwan Ki.


Can there be romance between this couple? Maybe if Chae Ro Woon opens her eyes and uses her head at some point.


To add to the mix is the co-CEO, Kang Woo Il (Yoon Park). Unlike Hwan Ki, he is loved by every employee and thought of as the nicest and smartest boss anyone could ever have.

Is he like that in reality? I don’t think so.

Introverted Boss seems to try to play with the idea that no one is actually who they seem to be. It’s not really hooking me in as a plot device. Hwan Ki could be adorable as a character but so far we don’t get to see enough of him. In my opinion, Chae Ro Woon’s opinions are dominating the plot too much.

I hope that Introverted Boss will improve but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.


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