The Handmaiden (아가씨)


During the Japanese occupation of Korea Sok Hee (Kim Tae Ri) is hired as a handmaiden to a rich Japanese woman named Hideko (Kim Min Hee). In reality she is the helper of a con man (Ha Jeong Woo) posing as a Japanese count. Their goal is to make Hideko fall in love with the count and steal her fortune. The plan goes well until Hideko and Sok Hee fall in love.


I didn’t read the plot of the movie before I started to watch this and I was a little shocked once I realized where this was going. The movie is definitely different from usual movies. The plot makes several complete turns and until we’re told the whole story we can’t tell who really is on whose side.


The story does focus heavily on sex so this is not a movie for everyone. The acting was good but what really makes this movie worthwhile is watching it without knowing anything about it. That way you can really immerse yourself in the story and be shocked when the revelations hit.


The Handmaiden is a good movie when you watch it once but personally I don’t think it was worth the hype it caused. However it does deserve recognition for boldly and so openly really depicting romance between two women.


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