Currently Watching; Missing 9 (미씽나인)


Ra Bong Hee seems to be the only survivor of an entertainment industry plane crash. However, she has lost her memory of the time between the crash and her return. What happened in that four months and did anyone else survive?

First, before anything more let me raise the question that is on everyone’s mind. Why is everyone only wearing beige colored clothes? This is the question. It’s bothering me more than the actual plot of this drama. It’s disturbing how in the first episode no matter how many outfits our stylist Ra Bong Hee shows, they are all the same. It’s scary. Why? What is the point of this? Is it just that the drama’s stylist likes beige or does it have a deeper meaning?? What is this.

Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee)


Ra Bong Hee is the first survivor we meet. She had just gotten her first job and it was her first time flying. Having lost her memory we’re shown what happens in pieces. The story continuously switches back and forth between the present and the time they we’re all at the island. Personally, I don’t like the switch overs. I don’t think they raise suspense and are rather annoying as the action of the story is on the island, not in the present.

Seo Jun Oh (Jung Kyung Ho)


Seo Jun Oh was the leader of a hot idol group Dreamers. Unfortunately they disbanded after his drunk driving scandal. Nowadays he is struggling to survive as his career is pretty much gone down the drain.


I loved your fake tears.

Jun Oh has been painted the bad guy in both public and among his fellow company mates. He is being blamed for their songwriter’s suicide and in general, he is thought of as a failure. Still, he tries his best and loves to throw temper tantrums at his manager and when something doesn’t go his way.


To me Jun Oh is the star of this show. He is childish but carry responsibility if he wants to. He doesn’t have self-control and he acts spoiled but believe me, in the midst of all the disasters that hit this group you’ll find him to be a ray of sunshine.


I really hope that there will be some romance between Jun Oh and his stylist Ra Bong Hee. They would be cute together.

Choi Tae Ho (Choi Tae Joon)


Tae Ho is the nemesis of Jun Oh even though they were both Dreamer members. When Jun Oh’s career was over, Tae Ho is more popular and successful than ever.

Lee Yeol (Park Chan Yeol from EXO)


Lee Yeol is the final Dreamers member. He tries to be the peace maker between his previous group mates.

Ha Ji Ah (Lee Seon Bin)


Ji Ah is a popular actress. She is dating Tae Ho but I think there was something going on between her and Jeong Gi Joon (see below).

Jeong Gi Joon (Oh Jung Se)


Gi Joon is now a manager for Jung Oh. He used to be Ha Ji Ah’s manager and still cares and takes care of her.


Gi Joon is a gentle soul. Despite being hungry he can’t bring himself to kill anything. He looks after people just like Ra Bong Hee and is one of the reasons why these people are able to survive.

Yoon So Hee (Ryu Won)


Yoon So Hee is the weakest link. She can’t take the reality of being stuck on an uninhabited island and tries to kill herself.

Down to the last two of our missing nine.

Hwang Jae Kook (Kim Sang Ho)  &  Tae Ho Hang (Tae Hang Ho)


Hwang Jae Kook is the CEO of Legend Entertainment and Tae Ho Hang is his helper. The two are pretty useless when it comes to contributing to surviving. They love to eat though and I can connect to that.


Missing Nine gathered a lot of excitement for its premiere. The drama was famous for its realistic filming even before it even started airing. The drama itself might not be that realistic but it is trying. The plane crash was scary (at least to me as I don’t like flying as it is) but the wardrobe was bothering me. Luckily now their clothes are pretty much covered in mud so they’d be brown anyway.


There is always something happening in this drama but still it makes me feel like there is no other plot other than trying to figure out what happened on the island. I was expecting something in addition to that. 😦


Anyway this drama reminds me a lot of the book Lord of the Flies that I was made to read in high school. People are stranded on an island and try to find a way to survive without society’s rules. I look forward to seeing how this drama is going to develop. Are we going to see everyone survive well on the island or are we going to see some blood and confusion, what do you think?

Read my review for the drama here.

3 thoughts on “Currently Watching; Missing 9 (미씽나인)

  1. Hey you are finally reviewing it. I like how the drama is unfolding and I can’t wait for your reviews. I hope too that there will be tiny romance for Bong Hee and Jun Oh they really look good. But I have a hunch that Bong Hee is hiding something?


    1. There are so many dramas starting now that I don’t know which way to even look! I love it though; the more the better! 🙂
      There’s so much to this drama that we don’t know, but yes, Bong Hee is definitely hiding something. She’s very hesitant about everything. Thank you for reading my reviews 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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