Currently Watching; The Universe’s Star (우주의 별이)


Woo Joo (Suho from EXO) is a talented singer-songwriter who is experiencing a writer’s block. He then meets a fan (Ji Woo) and dates her in order to write a new song.


Ha Na used to work as a grim reaper but got a chance to live as a human again. She is reborn as someone close to Woo Joo in order to save him from dying. She needs to make him survive past the first snow fall but if all her wishes that she didn’t get to fulfill while she was alive are fulfilled she will be the first one to ascend to heaven.


Woo Joo is a struggling star.He is particular about everything; he doesn’t like darkness, sweets or winging his work. He has lost his will to live and is suggested that he should date in order to write a love song.


Ha Na keeps following Woo Joo around. She comes across as a sasaeng fan and is even arrested. Then Woo Joo visits her and asks her out on a date. Can true love follow?


Universe’s Star has received a lot of criticism but still I tried to watch it with an open mind. Unfortunately Universe’s Star comes off as disturbing and quite disgusting. There is nothing romantic in it. Here’s why:

Like many others I think that the drama looks down (and this is an understatement) on fans. Fan girls are called ATM’s and considered easy;

“I mean, if she was your fan, she must’ve been easy. Ready at your call, willing to give you anything like a dumbass.”

This is not normal. Real fans who took part in the filming were treated rudely by the staff and left unpaid. Even in the drama Woo Joo blatantly uses Ha Na. He takes her out and keeps spending time with her all in order to write a song. He doesn’t care about her feelings or her as a person. He USES her.


Now I am not pushing all blame to Woo Joo or his groupies. Ha Na is to blame as well. She is just as  weird as a fan girl. She stalks him, finds out everything she can about him and even saves the dirty napkins he touched. This is not normal behavior. Her behavior really makes me uncomfortable.


Now these are just my opinions of the drama so if you still want to give it a go, please do. I can’t bear to watch it anymore.


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