Currently Watching; Tomorrow With You (내일 그대와)


Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) can travel to the future when he takes the subway. When he one day sees himself dying together with a woman he doesn’t know he decides to find out more about her. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is the woman who was with Yoo So Joon but can he now change the future for the both of them?

Yoo So Joon is a young CEO thanks to his ability to find out about the future. He never dates and he doesn’t have any special interest in the lives of others. After seeing his own death in the future he decides to change the future for the first time.

“Today I will change her fate because she might hold my life in her hands.”

He makes his way to Song Ma Rin and gets close to her. He does all he can to save her, even confessing his love to her even though they just met. After seeing a future where he is married to her he ponders why on earth he would ever marry a woman like Song Ma Rin. After hearing that an unexpected life (aka a child) could change the future he decides that he has to marry her in order to save himself and he proposes.

“How do you feel about marrying me? We could live in one house, intimately and lovey dovey.”

Song Ma Rin used to be a child actress and is still known for her one role as Bap Soon. Lately she has hit the bottom in her life. She drinks alone often and ends up being criticised for her life on the internet. Now she wants to become a photographer and change her life.

She is extremely flattered that a man is showing an interest in her and doesn’t hold back. She stands up for herself maybe a little too much and doesn’t try to hide her feelings. She is easily swept in by Yoo So Joon’s few sweet words and the two get married.

“Put your future in my hands.”

Yoo So Joon and Song Ma Rin are an odd combo. I really like them being together but what troubles me is Yoo So Joon. One moment he is all happy kissing her and the next moment he looks like he can’t stand her. I mean, do you like her at all? Why did you marry her if you can’t stand her? Do you like her or not??

“Why will that strange, absurd woman and I die on the same day and time?”

I have two theories about why he is like that, one negative and one positive:

  1. Yoo So Joon married her solely for the purpose of trying to save his own life in March 25, 2019, but the way he is going now is only going to drive him straight to that fate. Here’s my hypothesis: he is going to end up driving his wife away once she finds out that he doesn’t really love her, then he will realise that he really does love her but it’s already too late. Thus he has driven himself to the future that he tried so hard to prevent. His future self told him that he won’t be able to change the future even if he tries: nothing will change even if he tries and that is just what happened.
  2. We’re only on episode 4 and thus Yoo So Joon just hasn’t really opened up yet. I hope this is it… I mean he didn’t even smile at his own wedding yet he looked happy in the memories leading to the wedding… What is this?

I’m on the fence with this drama. I’m not sure about anything. One episode everything is going brilliantly and the next I’m suspicious about every word that drops out of Yoo So Joon’s mouth. I do like the time travelling aspect of the story and I hope that the romance will start to develop (it’s weird to say start when they’re already married but what can I do…). I hope that neither one of my theories is right and that I will be proven wrong soon. I like this drama quite a bit because it makes me curious about what is actually going on. I’m going to keep watching for sure.

What are your theories? Do you think that I’m overreacting or is there really something odd going on here?


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