Currently Watching; Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) is a woman who has superhuman strength. She has had a one-sided crush on her school mate In Guk Doo (Ji Soo) for years. His ideal woman is someone feminine and frail, so Do Bong Soon has been living while hiding her strength. One day she is unable to control her anger she beats up some gangsters. Ahn Min Hyeok (Park Hyung Shik) sees this and hires her as his bodyguard. However, Do Bong Soon is his ideal woman. Will the two fall in love?

Do Bong Soon’s power has been in her family since the Joseon era. If she uses her power to gain money or fame she will be given a penalty and have her power taken away. Thus she has vowed to use her power against bad people.

Lately Bong Soon has been having trouble controlling her power and emotions. Starting from when she knocked out the doctor who delivered her, she has sent half of Seoul to the hospital. The latest victim ïs her boss, Ahn Min Hyeok.

Bong Soon is a sweet girl who has been jobless for a while. She is completely love-sick towards In Gook Doo but around Ahn Min Hyeok she is straight with her opinions and answers.

“If you were born a man, act like a man. Don’t just sit and watch while a woman takes action.”

To Do Bong Soon super hero movies are the saddest. She is tired of hiding her strength like it is something to feel guilty about.

Ahn Min Hyeok left his complicated family to set up his own business. Now that his father wants him to take over his business he is being stalked and threatened by someone. He doesn’t trust the police and believes that he can settle his own problems himself.

“Life is a game and the biggest game is life.”

He is known for his laziness; he comes to work about twice a week but still does nothing. He loves to laze around and uses a hover board to get from point A to point B.

From the first moment he met Do Bong Soon at a police station he has found Bong Soon cute. He likes her oddness and the bizarre things she does only make him think that Bong Soon’s sexy. The ruder she speaks the cuter he finds her.

Everyone thinks Min Hyeok is gay because of the rumors online and his behavior. He doesn’t do anything to correct this misunderstanding, there would nothing in it for him. He is having fun teasing Do Bong Soon by making her think that he has a thing for In Gook Doo too. Plus, maybe the nights they spend together would be gone if she found out the truth…?

In Gook Doo is a dedicated police officer who loves to follow rules and regulations. He is blind to the fact Do Bong Soon likes him and only considers her a friend.

I hope that Bong Soon would forget about Gook Doo soon and realize what a cutie she has beside her. Min Hyeok accepts her the way she is and likes her that way. The two are straight forward and adorable together. They tease each other and look after each other more like friends or lovers, rather than a boss and a bodyguard.

Min Hyeok is amazed by her strength despite being carried by her in princess style and a few bruises and breaks he has endured. I love Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyeok together. They’re so natural and even thought it’s clear that Min Hyeok likes her he doesn’t make it over the top obvious. He teases her and makes her stick around him more and more. He takes advantage of the fact that she thinks he’s gay but I’m all for it. The two are fun to watch and this gives us so much more interaction between the two of them without them being awkward.

An additional twist to the plot is added through a serial kidnapper / murderer. He has been kidnapping young women to be his brides near where Bong Soon lives. She is the only one who has seen his face and heard his voice and thus Bong Soon is considered a witness by the police. I think that Min Hyeok’s stalker and this murderer might be connected in some way…

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is proving to be a very enjoyable rom com. Bong Soon is funny and I can sympathize with her. In the first episodes her strength is a little over done in my opinion but later it has smoothed into the story better.

What really makes this drama worth while is this cutie pie. I didn’t really take notice of Park Hyung Shik in Hwarang but here he is a heart-throb. He might come of as a typical drama CEO with his behavior but he’s not. He’s warmer and sweeter than the usual kdrama jerk. He is adorable in his actions and adoration towards Bong Soon.

The only problem with this drama is that I have to wait a week for new episodes…. Tears 😦


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