Missing 9 (미씽나인) Review

This is a review and contains spoilers. Read the Currently Watching article here.


In the end we went from everyone wearing beige to everyone wearing white. Well, I’m just glad that this is over. I’m surprised that I was able to finish this drama, the credit for that is completely due to Jung Kyung Ho as Seo Jun Oh. There were many things that made me want to drop this drama mid way but his character pulled me in week after week.

Jun Oh’s character developed so much during the drama. At first he was a cocky idol who couldn’t even feed himself but in the end he ended up being the one that shouldered the responsibility of everyone and did his best to look after them. He was always the first one to volunteer to do something and most importantly, with Ra Bong Hee, he didn’t hurt anyone. They were the two people without whom no one wouldn’t have been able to get off the island. They held the group together and took care of others.

Because of this it was so unbearable to see everyone turning either their back or a blind eye to Jun Oh. Whether it was the prosecutors, public or the special commission (that was especially good at ignoring actual facts) they drove me crazy. The injustice Jun Oh and Bong Hee went through ended up being the only thing this drama dealt with. It took time away from everything else and made he plot progress slow and frustrating. The fact that we jumped between the island and present was vexing.

Now the couple I had such big dreams for. They never got together!! The romance between Jun Oh and Bong Hee was left to our imagination. I can’t help but feel a little betrayed. I really hoped that their romance would bring something like happiness into this drama. With all the bloodshed and frustration the little hints and stares were not enough.

Moving on to Tae Ho. I am always glad when the bad guy stays a bad guy until the end and doesn’t experience some miracle where he gets his conscience back. In the final episodes Tae Ho’s character did change but it was good. He finally realized that his endless killing was hurting himself too. The drama didn’t have time to make him overly ´good´ again and thus I’ll accept his change.

He went crazy on the island thinking that he had nothing to lose anymore. He had already started and the only way that he could live as a free man when they got back would be if no one would be able to speak about what he did on the island. I do partially understand him; he continued killing with a blind ambition to be happy after this “one last” body.

“Do you think you’ll be happy?”

I really felt bad for him for a moment until I remembered what he did to Yeol. I really liked him and he just disposed of his body so coldly… Also, as the ending was squeezed into a couple of minutes there really was no punishment for Tae Ho. Good half of the drama was spent trying to punish him for his crimes but what we got was a scene of the trial and them all painting a wall together all happy?? No release for my frustrations here either… They couldn’t have just forgive everything so easily.

It was Seo Jun Oh’s spunk that drew me to this drama and it was the only thing that kept me going. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to make me recommend or re watch this drama. It will remain in my memory as a ball of frustrations and a disappointing ending.


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