Do You Know Your 2016 Korean Dramas? Part 3

I’m finally here with the final part! You can find part 1 & part 2 through the links.

You can also do the quiz through this link.



0-6 points

Almost at the end! On one hand, it’s a relief to wrap up our story threads one by one as we head into our finale, leaving only our most central conflict left as the final hurdle. On the other hand, that last hurdle is the highest one yet, so we can’t exactly breathe easily yet. …:

Don’t cry. Watch a drama and maybe next time you’ll do better.

7-15 points

Image result for kdrama car crash:

So close yet so far! Failure is always bitter.

16-23 points

I am falling for you… Falling for Innocence is the story of Kang Min Ho or James Kang (Jung Kyung Ho) who is known as the merciless corporate serial killer. He comes back to Korea to take of …

Don’t lose your cool! Next time it’ll bet the top spot for you!

24-27 points

Ready for Hollywood like action? Lupin the 3rd is an action movie through and through. It’s about the master thief known as Lupin and how he after going searching for revenge wants to steal a…

Yay! You did it! Go ahead and show off!

How did you do? Do you want to see more quizzes?


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