Master (마스터)



Jin Hee Jang (Lee Byung Hun) is the CEO of a pyramid scheme company with a scale different from others. He works together with his right hand man Park Jang Goon (Kim Woo Bin) and a woman called mother Kim (Jin Kyung). Kim Jae Myung (Kang Dong Won) is the leader of the police team going after them. He forces Park Jang Goon to co-operate with him and together they go after Jin Hee Jang.

Master shines with its top name cast and their performances but the plot falls short. With over two-hour running time the movie focuses heavily on financial crimes and takes its time to build up the plot before revealing anything. This makes the progress slow and sometimes I found myself hoping that Kim Woo Bin would show up on the screen again…

The scenery alongside the cast shows the budget they must have had for this film. Still despite all of their efforts if this movie hadn’t starred few of my favorite actors it wouldn’t have had anything to offer. The plot is boring compared to recent work by the same actors and could have been improved. The actors did a great job on their parts but that isn’t enough to fill the hole left by the plot.

Kim Woo Bin amazed me once again with his acting.

If you’re a fan of the actors I recommend that you check Master out but don’t expect a thrilling crime movie and just focus on your favorites and their performance.


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