The Kodai Family (Kodaike no Hitobito)


Kie Hirano’s (Ayase Haruka) hobby is day dreaming. One day her office gets a new employee from the esteemed Kodai family. Mitsumasa Kodai (Saito Takumi) and his siblings inherited more than just their blue eyes from their English grandmother: they’re telepathic. Mitsumasa falls for the day dreaming Kie but can she accept his talent?

The Kodai Family really drew me in in the beginning. Kie’s imagination is almost without a peer and it was fun to see Mitsumasa fall for her for that reason. He found her mind interesting and didn’t look at anything else. I knew that things were going too smoothly with the two of them and my thoughts were proved right when the movie fell apart. Suddenly instead of communicating either with her words or through her thoughts Kie became rigid. I can understand her hesitation but her sudden, extreme reaction seemed unplanned: it didn’t fit into the movie. In the end we had just one more airport scene and realization that love was always there if we just have the faith to believe so. Nothing changed because Kie and Mitsumasa didn’t resolve their issues. They just hid them under a false sense of realization.

The Kodai Family had its points. The acting was ok, nothing for me to rave about. If you want to see a typical Japanese romantic comedy this is what you’re looking for. If you want something deeper and with real emotions instead of a prettily presented package I suggest that you look elsewhere.


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