Currently Watching; The Liar and His Lover (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해)


Kang Han Kyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) is a genius level song writer and producer. He sacrifices everything for his music and lives in order to perfectly recreate the music inside his head. Yoon So Rim (Joy from Red Velvet) is a high school student who lives for singing. One day she sees Han Kyeol on the street and falls in love at first sight.

My first thought while watching this was that Tvn changed their slogan!! Heartbreak. You know the moment your episode starts and the familiar slogans roll in and you sing along and it suddenly changes! I even had to wind back to see if I had just heard it wrong…

Ok, I got sidetracked again… Maybe you want to know about the drama?


So Rim is a positive high schooler who continues to believe in her talent despite set backs. When she was young she lost her parents and got the news while performing. This caused her to have serious stage fright that presents itself when she tries to sign on stage in front of an audience.


When she sees Han Kyeol on the street quietly humming she is completely swept away by him. She searches for him high and low and when they finally meet again she doesn’t hold back. She approaches him and confesses that she fell for him at first sight.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Yoon So Rim doesn’t bother hiding her heart. She always speaks what’s on her mind and often flusters Han Kyeol with her blatant honesty.


Han Kyeol lives in his own world. He is often told that he ignores everyone and everything besides his music. He is dating Chae Yoo Na (Hong Seo Young) but the two break up fast. Thus a new hit song and empty space for Yoon So Rim is made.


Han Kyeol is a very closed off person; there is nothing other than music in his world. When he speaks he has a soft voice. He is lonely and drawn to voices. After hearing So Rim sing he starts to notice her.


Han Kyeol is a talented and mysterious songwriter and producer whose face no one knows. He lives hidden from the world and is known only as K. He writes hit songs for his friends’ band Crude Play. Originally he was a part of it but he gave up his seat before their debut.

“I miss him when I open my eyes and I think of him when I breathe. When I sleep I only dream about him.”

Yoon So Rim is actively chasing after Han Kyeol and whether he notices it or not he is drawn to her bright and positive attitude. They have fun together hanging out and talking about music.


Yoon So Rim is finally going to make her debut with the same company Han Kyeol works at. She is praised for her beautiful and enticing voice that captures its listener. Crude Play’s bass player, Seo Chan Yeong (Lee Seo Won) is eyeing being the producer for her but when Han Kyeol finds out that she is going to debut what is he going to do?


The Liar and His Lover like its movie predecessor focuses on music. Still, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, Yoon So Rim’s random signing/dancing moments are extremely distracting but that’s why they made the fast forward button. I can live with them.

I am surprised by the amount that I like this drama. Like with the movie I’m hoping for lies and romance. In this version I think that the balance is better: Han Kyeol is actually lying, well maybe more like hiding, many things from Soo Rim. Music oriented dramas have a high risk of being just ridiculous but so far I think that The Liar and His Lover actually shows potential of being more than just a few dance breaks and songs.

What do you think?


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