Currently Watching; Whisper (귓속말)


Shin Yeong Joo’s (Lee Bo Young) father is arrested on a murder charge he didn’t commit. Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) is a judge famous for being incorruptible and convicting only based on clear evidence. Yeong Joo trusts Lee Dong Joon to clear her father of the false charge but Korea’s top law firm Taebaek with its crooked lawyers forces Lee Dong Joon to announce him guilty as charged. Shin Yeong Joo is kicked out of the police force but that doesn’t stop her from trying to free her father. First, she goes after the one person she trusted: Lee Dong Joon.

Right from the first episode Whisper left me breathless. The filming, cast, mood, plot and its every twist is superb. The plot always has me guessing just what is going to happen next; I can never see the plot twists coming! One minute I’m in shock and just when my heartbeat has had the time to settle down a little bit Whisper delivers another blow with its plot and acting. The acting is AMAZING.  Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon are really outperforming themselves and the rest of the cast doesn’t fall short. The music enhances every little emotion the cast shows and the whole shebang comes together to form an irresistible package.


First a top-notch detective soon to get married but the next day an unemployed and betrayed daughter of a murderer. Shin Yeong Joo has made her fair share of enemies and many want to see her fall but no matter how hard life kicks her she gets back up.


Shin Yeong Joo is extremely driven. She only sees her goal in front of her and doesn’t hesitate to do everything she can -legal or illegal- to get her father out.

Lee Dong Joon: “Why me?
Shin Yeong Joo: “Because I trusted you.”

She takes the drunk Lee Dong Joon and goes to a hotel. She films a video of him raping her and blackmails him to help her.


Lee Dong Joon is a man with more enemies than friends. He made a name for himself as a judge for being on the side of justice not connections. He has sent countless crooked lawyers, prosecutors and others who tried to bribe him to prison.


For the first time in his life Lee Dong Joon is forced to make a choice of saving himself by giving an unjust sentence or going to prison himself. He chooses to save his own neck and marries into Taebaek.


Taebaek is known for powerful lawyers who don’t hesitate to bend the law for their clients. To Shin Yeong Joo Lee Dong Joon is a man who has everything: a promising career, father-in-law and wife to support him. In reality he is trapped between Shin Yeong Joo blackmailing him, his wife and his lover trying to get rid of him and his father-in-law trying to mold him into another him by making him abandon his principles.

“I gave up everything when I came here. I don’t have anything left to give up.”


Choi Soo Yeon (Park Se Young) is the daughter of Taebaek CEO and Lee Dong Joon’s wife. She has had the same lover for years: Kang Jung Il (Kwon Yool).


Kang Jung Il and Choi Soo Yeon are thirsty for power and plot together to take over Taebaek. They have a guy who takes care of things behind the scenes but they don’t hesitate to dirty their own hands either. Kang Jung Il was the one who killed Shin Yeong Joo’s father and together they are doing everything they can to hide it.


Despite their bad start I think that Shin Yeong Joo and Lee Dong Joon are going to form a strong partnership. Maybe we’ll even see romance!

Whisper’s strength is its unpredictable, yet well thought and acted out plot. Lee Sang Yoon is quickly making his way into my heart with his eyebrows and  facial expressions.


Just look at him! ❤

The ones with power are the ones in control. There are no friends or allies. It’s every man and woman for themselves. With back stabbing and blood being shed in legal battles and illegal ones, there’s no way to predict what Whisper can become. I plan to stay on this thrilling rollercoaster until the end.


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