3-Iron (빈집)


Tae Suk (Jae Hee) lives his life one day at a time: he breaks in to strangers’ houses and lives in them for a day and then moves on to the next one. One day he breaks into the house of Sun Hwa (Lee Seung Yeon) who is abused by her husband. The two form a connection and start to live by Tae Suk’s lifestyle together. Can they be together when her husband comes searching for her?

3-Iron is another Kim Ki Duk masterpiece. The movie has minimal dialogue: the main couple never actually speaks to each other but their connection and chemistry is still palpable. The story is beautiful and simple: people can find happiness in unexpected places and happiness is specific to the person feeling it. Happiness is not found in the same places for everyone. This quote from the movie says it all:

우리가 살고 있는 세상이 꿈인지 현실인지 알 수가 없다.

It’s hard to tell whether the world we live in is a reality or a dream.

Jae Hee was great in his role as Tae Suk. His expressions and body language (especially in the end) are so captivating that I keep returning to this movie no matter how many times I’ve seen it before.

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen this movie because every couple of years I just decide to watch it again. The story and the simple message it delivers draws me in every single time like it did the first. 3-Iron is one of my personal favorite movies and a classic that everyone should see.


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