Currently Watching; Queen of Mystery (추리의 여왕)


Yool Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee) is a stay at home wife to his absent prosecutor husband. She wants to become a detective and her secret hobby is solving crimes. Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) is a dedicated detective who gets sent to a substation instead of getting a promotion. There he meets a hard-headed ajummah named Yool Seol Ok who keeps getting involved with the cases they have. Ha Wan Seung has no other choice but to admit her abilities and the two start working together to solve crimes.

Yoo Seol Ok gave up going to school and getting a career when her husband was at school. She also supported his sister who went to university. Now she works at home and is at the beck and call of her mother in law.

She can’t cook but she works extremely hard at learning it. At least that’s what she tells her mother in law she is doing. In reality she is going around town assisting the new police lieutenant in town and solving crimes.

Ha Wan Seung looks like a thug and is often mistaken for a one. Despite his rugged looks he is the idol of many female officers. He has a hot temper and doesn’t hesitate to use his fists to catch criminals.

At first Ha Wan Seung wants nothing to do with Yoo Seol Ok. I mean, what could an ajummah know, right? With time he comes to see her skills and has to ask for her help to solve a case that no one even saw as a case.

Seol Ok’s husband is pretty much absent from her life. She is completely dedicated to crime solving. Unfortunately as she is married it seems like there is not going to be romance between our main pair… I don’t know whether I’m disappointed or happy about that. I would’ve loved to see Kwon Sang Woo have a love line but I will be happy with a strong partnership. Fingers crossed.

Right now I’m just enjoying seeing these two starting to work together. Wan Seung is a rough detective and his helper is a full-time house wife and a wannabe detective. The comical scenes are practically writing themselves!

The cutie pie Lee Won Geun is the new police lieutenant in town and one of Yoo Seol Ok’s most avid supporters.

Queen of Mystery is light and fun. I admit that I don’t really care for Choi Kang Hee but because of Kwon Sang Woo I couldn’t resist this drama. He is the perfect choice for the role of a tough detective.

I think that the story is still missing some depth but as we’re only in the beginning of the drama I have no doubt that this problem will be solved. There are many hints given especially for Wan Seung’s past and I can’t wait for the two to start working together.

Fighting Queen of Mystery! I believe in you!


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