Currently Watching; Chicago Typewriter (시카고 타자기)


Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) is a successful writer. Jeon Seol (Im Su Jeong) is a job changer who lives her life one day at a time. She is a huge fan of Han Se Joo. Han Se Joo has recurring dreams of himself and Jeon Seol in the 1930s Korea fighting against the Japanese oppressors. When Han Se Joo experiences a slump Yoo Jin Oh (Go Gyeong Pyo) becomes his ghost writer. But how can he write the exact same scenes as Han Se Joo’s dreams?

Chicago Typewriter is definitely the descendant of Goblin. The music and mysterious scenes remind me so much of the past Tvn hit drama. On some scenes it works but on some it just becomes an extra baggage. Chicago Typewriter has a singular soul of its own: it doesn’t need to be influenced by Goblin at all to be addicting.

Han Se Joo is now a popular writer but he achieved his position with hard work. He doesn’t believe in receiving help from others. He believes that he can only rely on himself and others will only stab him in the back when an opportunity to do so arrives.

“Write madly like me.”

Han Se Joo speaks roughly and now that he has achieved fame he doesn’t bother himself with others. He is cocky, conceited and arrogant. He looks down on others (literally) and lives his life only to write.

Han Se Joo is known as the Korean Stephen King. After a run in with a mad fan he experiences his first slump and is unable to write anything. When he receives an old typewriter as a gift he begins to have dreams of his past life in 1930s Korea. He begins to want to write again but his mysterious ghost writer beats him to the story.

Yoo Jin Oh is writing the story of two lovers in 1930s Korea instead of Han Se Joo. He writes when Han Se Joo is not at home and makes him question his own sanity with his disappearing antics. He hides himself well and answers all question with a scary smirk on his face.

Jeon Seol is a woman with many jobs. She was an Olympic level athlete in shooting but she had to give it up because of the visions she sees once she holds a gun: she sees herself as an independence fighter who shoots someone. After quitting shooting she became a vet but also gave that up. Now she is the queen of part-time jobs.

Jeon Seol has known her whole life that she will end up marrying a writer. Today she is an avid fan of Han Se Joo and once she meets him she is unable to hide her excitement. Unfortunately she reminds Han Se Joo of Misery and its obsessive fan who ended up imprisoning and torturing his favorite writer.

“I’m the first-ever fan of yours.”

The two don’t get along as Han Se Joo continues to suspect her every move but as he sees more and more of his past memories / visions he begins to realize that she is not a bad person. The two spend more and more time together and love sparks in the present and in the past.

“It’s a love story of an independence activist and a writer.”

Chicago Typewriter has an exceptional plot and beginning. The drama has mystery and the past lives of all the three main characters bring even more to the plot.

Yoo Ah In is exceptional in his role. He manages to be cute and obnoxious at the same time. His character deserves all his fame but needs a lesson in manners. Yoo Ah In’s peculiar hair style is perfect for his character and his voice makes me pretty much melt. Han Se Joo is a man with principles that he won’t budge away from.

“A pen is stronger than a knife. A typewriter is stronger than a gun.”

I’m really waiting to see how the two different worlds will be connected in this drama. The past and present Han Se Joo and Jeon Seol are going to fall in love, I’m sure of it, but what happened in the past and what will happen now are a complete blank. I don’t even want to make predictions but just enjoy this amazing, puzzling drama.

Read my review for the drama here.


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