Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순) Review


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is over and I must admit that I’m glad. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the show I still watched it every single week for a couple of reasons.

Just like I gushed in my CW for the drama;

What really makes this drama worth while is this cutie pie. I didn’t really take notice of Park Hyung Shik in Hwarang but here he is a heart-throb. He might come of as a typical drama CEO with his behavior but he’s not. He’s warmer and sweeter than the usual kdrama jerk. He is adorable in his actions and adoration towards Bong Soon.

Min Hyeok (Park Hyung Shik) was over the top hilarious in a good way. He was enthusiastic, passionate and spouted out everything that came to his mind. He was funny and cute in a way that left me breathless and kept me coming back to this drama.
What really made him even more adorable was his dedication and pureness. He was completely swept off his feet by Bong Soon and he didn’t really bother trying to hide it. He went with it and made me smile like a teenage girl in front of my screen.
Now on to Bong Soon (Park Bo Young). Bong Soon was a great character; I loved the fact that the female lead was the one doing the protecting and was in control of her life. However this “peanut sized king kong’s” power was over done and emphasized too much for my taste. I forgave this in order to see more of Min Hyeok….
My other problem with the show was the abundance of side characters that didn’t contribute to the main storyline either significantly or at all.
The monk Nizamuddin and the gangster Baek Tak didn’t really make sense to me. They had a lot of screen time yet they didn’t really bring anything into the story.
Bong Soon’s gang and Min Hyeok’s secretary on the other hand were good side characters; they were funny and they didn’t have an excessive story of their own. They did what they needed to do: support the story and main characters of the drama.
It’s too bad that Ji Soo didn’t get the girl again… His character was a typical police officer with a clear mind about what is justice and a hot temper.
Despite some obvious flaws Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was at times enjoyable and fun. The points go to the irresistible Min Hyeok for that.

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