Currently Watching; My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스)


Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a player and the heir to the Deabok corporation. His father sends him to train at one of their resorts. There he meets Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun). The two spend time together and have a heated one night stand. In the morning Lee Yoo Mi disappears and leaves behind a confused Cha Jin Wook. 3 years later they meet again as boss and employee. What will happen?

My Secret Romance is an old school romcom. It has the cliché lines and scenes but it has new things to offer too. It’s shocking that My Secret Romance is shown on OCN (a channel known for its crime shows) and what is even more scandalous is that the main couple spent the night together in the first episode. What. Yes. I was at a loss for words for too. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I still can’t.


Cha Jin Wook believes himself to be one of the best looking men on earth. He doesn’t look for love and believes only in playing around.


After being stranded by Lee Yoo Mi and being made fun of by some ajumma’s he changes his act: he becomes feared (by his subordinates) and hard-working. He advances in his career but he never forgets the woman he had a one night stand that night.


Lee Yoo Mi is set on being a nutritionist even though she can hardly cook. After she succeeds she is sent to Daebok where she is forced to personally cook the meals of the elusive Director Cha Jin Wook.


Lee Yoo Mi is inexperienced in love and dating. She is innocent and starts hiccupping when Cha Jin Wook gets too close. She is swept away by him but doesn’t let it show.


Despite everything Cha Jin Wook has no thoughts of letting her get off easy after she wounded his ego. He wants revenge and pushes and rubs at Lee Yoo Mi’s wounds. He takes every opportunity to remind her of what happened 3 years ago until she caves in and admits that she remembers what happened.


Neither one forgot the night they spent together even though they didn’t even know each other’s names. Now that they meet again can they resist each others charm?


My Secret Romance reminds me a lot of Noble, My Love. The drawings and the main characters are at points very similar to it. I’m not complaining: this ‘chaebol and normal girl falling in love’ routine works here. My Secret Romance is light and as it is going to be short (12 episodes) I know were going to focus on the romance instead of something unnecessary. Life needs this kind of light rom com sometimes.

Find my review for the drama here.



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