Music Now No Grammar

Once in a while kdramas have an all English OST song and you know that moment will come when you stop to listen to the lyrics and~ they don’t make any sense. Still, you can’t help but listen to them anyway. I mean they’re catchy and remind you of the wonderful moments between you’re favorite couple so, really, what’s the harm?

Here are three good examples.

Jo Jung Hee – Now and Forever

I Need Romance 3

“I’ll be all around till you will find my love. I will turn around till you will see the truth.”

Ummm… What? I Need Romance is the drama where the nice guy got the girl. Sung Joon was adorable as a loyal follower to his noona and this OST was his masterpiece. (I wonder why?) Jo Jung Hee’s Now and Forever is a catchy song but her pronunciation and somewhat baffling lyrics are confusing.

Heize – Round and Round ft. Han Soo Ji


“See ya never gone my way. Better will someday. Never far away.”

Well, at least in Jo Jung Hee’s song I could understand what was meant by the lyrics. And the same unfathomable story continues on through the song. Still I can’t hate the song because I like it’s rhythm and flow.
and now my favorite one:

Saltnpaper – Satellite

Chicago Typewriter

“From your guide now I’m here without knowing those melodies I sing like I know.”

The moment I heard this song in Chicago Typewriter I fell in love. Instantly. I don’t care how perplexing these lyrics are I love this song. Music knows no grammar.

What are your guilty pleasures?


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