My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) Review

This is a review. Find my Currently Watching article here.


Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a player and the heir to Daebok corporation. His father sends him to train at one of their resorts. There he meets Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun). The two spend time together and have a heated one night stand. In the morning Lee Yoo Mi disappears and leaves behind a confused Cha Jin Wook. 3 years later they meet again as a boss and an employee. What will happen?

Although the first episode promised so much the last episodes completely ruined the drama for me. They only consisted of flashbacks and hopeless music. Nothing happened for episodes in a row. There’s a limit to how many flashbacks a watcher can stand.

The only punchline this drama had to offer was used in the first episode. The heated one night the main couple spent was an original start for the drama but that’s as far as My Secret Romance’s originality went. The endless turns the main couple made were frustrating and useless.

The epilogues at the end of each episode were odd. They were a one more flashback to the endless list of them. Besides if a scene requires a written message about how a character felt in a scene it’s clear that the scenes are not doing their job right.

When a drama ends with the couple getting back together within the last episode it’s a bad sign. Words can’t describe how frustrated I felt when I saw where the drama was going. Nothing, even the above couple, could save this drama from becoming a bad memory.


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