Currently Watching; Fight For My Way (쌈 마이웨이)


Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) both gave up their dream and are living on one day at a time putting up with jobs they don’t like and people looking down on them. Now they start to fight for their lost dreams and fall in love with each other.

Fight For My Way is a wonderful mixture of real life and a romantic comedy. I can sympathize with the scenes where our duo “meets the harsh real life” but immediately the drama lightens itself with chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, the two friends who are (of course) more like lovers.

Ko Dong Man used to do taekwondo in high school and was known for his skills. Because of an incident he left the sport but has never forgotten it. Now he works for a boss who keeps stomping on him until he realizes that he wants and needs to go back to fighting.

Many people, especially Ae Ra, thinks of Dong Man as a simple country boy who doesn’t really think. Although Dong Man may be simple in his actions and thoughts, he doesn’t hesitate to fight for his family or his friends (mostly Ae Ra). He is a protective and caring friend.

Choi Ae Ra wanted to be an announcer but life took her on another road. She now works at a department store and only dreams of grabbing a mike on day.

Ae Ra can be as sweet as chocolate or as tough as iron. She has pride in herself and looks after Dong Man when he can’t do it himself. She trusts in him to save her from trouble she can’t handle. She doesn’t believe in sweet romance or a man driving her to her front door but gets flushed by Dong Man.

Dong Man and Ae Ra are a match only waiting to happen. They have been friends for years and know each other well. They are concerned for each other’s well-being and spend more time together than they do with other people. They are natural around each other and don’t need to hide anything or think about what to say. They are starting to be jealous of each other and the time they spend with other people and the line between friends and lovers is quickly fading.
Completing the fantastic four knuckle heads are Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) and Baek Seol Hee (Song Ha Yoon). The two are lovers of six years. Seol Hee has supported her boyfriend for years and now that he is successful she has trouble letting her care giver role go.
Hwang Jang Ho (Kim Sung Oh) used to be Dong Man’s coach and doesn’t want to let him go. He hangs around him with many excuses in the hopes of getting him back to practice taekwondo.
It would be just too simple to simply go from friends to lovers without any rivals, right?
Park Hye Ran (Lee Elliya) is Dong Man’s ex-girlfriend. She often breaks up with him for another guy but comes back to Dong Man when that relationship ends. Now that she has gotten a divorce she is back at Dong Man’s doorstep and Ae Ra vows to protect Dong Man this time.
Don’t cry Dong Man. I’m sure she’ll be gone soon.
I know your feelings. I’m already starting to passionately hate Hye Ran’s character and with the speed of my hate towards her character growing I can already see her taking over the spot on my “most hated ex-girlfriends-list”. She is simply unbelievable in the way she always comes back to poor Dong Man… Arrrgh.

I’m really liking all the leads (except Hye Ran) of Fight For My Way. They’re all very identifiable and I’m always in for a drama where long time friends became lovers. Why? Because unlike some rom com’s you don’t get the feeling “When did they fall in love?” or “What does he/she actually even love about her/him?”. They are already comfortable with each other and actually love each other for who they really are.
All things considered Fight For My Way is a lovely rom com that will appeal to everyone. It’s fun, simple and appealing. The chemistry between the main leads is real and the story is written in a way that every watcher will find themselves rooting for our four troubled knuckleheads.

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