Currently Watching; Circle (써클: 이어진 두 세계)


Circle is set in two different worlds and the episodes split into two. First let’s get to know the present day world called Beta Project (베타 프로젝트).

In the present day Kim Woo Jin (Yeo Jin Goo) is searching for his twin brother, Kim Bum Gyun (Ahn Woo Yeon) who has gone missing. When they were young they saw an alien descend to Earth and now as adults Bum Gyun believes that aliens walk among regular people.

“Let’s just forget about it as if it never happened and live like normal people.”

Woo Jin is a smart university student. He misses his older brother who’s in jail. When he is released from jail Woo Jin’s happiness doesn’t last long: Bum Gyun tells him about how aliens have been killing people at his school. When Woo Jin finds his brother’s ramblings and finds him following people he tells him to give up his crazy search or never come back to him.

Bum Gyun is unable to quit his irrational search for aliens and goes missing. Woo Jin starts to search for him and finds out that the people who died didn’t commit suicide. They were driven to one by a blue bug that contains a computer chip. He starts to hunt for the truth in the hopes of finding his brother.

Grand New World (멋진 신세계) is set in the year 2037. The world is split into two places: normal Earth and Smart Earth. Normal Earth’s population is decreased to half of what it was in the year 2017 and it is run down and ruined by pollution.

“Do you believe crime can be eliminated by controlling emotions?”

Smart Earth is reportedly free of crime thanks to the Human B System (a chip within one’s brain) that controls human emotions. No one loses control or gets too excited or upset.

Kim Joon Hyuk (Kim Kang Woo) is a detective on normal Earth. He doesn’t have memories of his past nor does he remember who he is. He only has memory footage left behind by his twin brother. He tries to solve the case of the missing twins (Woo Jin and Bum Gyun) in order to find out who he is.

Kim Joon Hyuk doesn’t believe that Smart Earth is free of crime. He fights to get in there and as a murder case happens there he gets his chance. He finds out that the Human B System is erasing people’s memories and lulling them into a false sense of happiness.

“Bad memories are a part of life too.”

Smart Earth’s Peacekeeper Lee Ho Soo (the adorable Lee Ki Kwang from Beast/Highlight) is completely dedicated to keeping the peace on Smart Earth. He is a firm believer in the Human B System and doesn’t believe that erasing bad memories is a wrong thing to do.

The mysterious hacker Blue Bird is releasing blocked memories in Grand New World but in 2017 Bum Gyun believes him/her to be the culprit behind the murders.

What is going on and who are the real bad guys?

In Circle everything is connected but the clues lead to nothing. The story is deliciously slowl in revealing itself. The two worlds, characters and mysteries are a continuation of each other but I can’t make any guesses as to what is going to happen.

Highlight’s Ki Kwang’s character is really popping out to me from the crowd. He is struggling with his past memories now that they are coming back to him but unlike others he doesn’t want them. He does everything he can to forget them again and to go back to the life he was living. Ki Kwang’s acting combined with his character’s exquisiteness makes him captivating.

Circle’s one of a kind plot and good acting make it a drama that is worth while. I hope that as the mysteries start revealing themselves the drama will keep its originality and freshness.


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