Currently Watching; Secret Forest (비밀의 숲)


Hwang Shi Mok (Jo Seung Woo) is an intelligent prosecutor who becomes entangled in a serial murder and corruption case. Together with Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) they start solving the case shrouded in mysteries. No one knows what really happened but everyone has something to lose.

Hwang Shi Mok’s brain is more developed than the one of an ordinary person. Unfortunately that gave him nothing but pain as a child and to reduce it, the doctors performed a partial lobotomy on him. As an after effect he doesn’t feel any emotions at all. He is like a living statue: he doesn’t like anything in particular or doesn’t want to do something specific. People see him as being superior and stuck up but in reality he is lonely.

“There will never be someone beside me.”

Despite his emotional coldness he is one of the best prosecutors Seoul has. He isn’t involved in the wide-spread corruption and works night and day in his office. After a murder happens and an innocent man dies for it, he promises the public to catch the culprit within two months or he will quit his job. His coworkers don’t want him to find the truth behind the cases and try to frame him.

Han Yeo Jin is a dedicated police lieutenant who is caring and filled with trust towards people. She wants to find the truth behind the murder case and helps Prosecutor Hwang to find the truth.

Stranger/Secret Forest pulled me in with its magnificent poster. The drama continues the same tasteful, aesthetically pleasing line. Secret Forest isn’t a dramatic thriller but rather savors itself with its characters and calm way of revealing a secret after another.

Jo Seung Woo convinces his watchers with his composed exterior. He only speaks when he has something meaningful to say. Secret Forest offers a mix of law and detective dramas with interesting characters.


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