One Way Trip / Glory Day (글로리데이)


Four friends Young Bi (Ji Soo), Ji Gong (Ryu Joon Yeol), Doo Man (Kim Hee Chan) and Sang Woo (Suho from EXO) take a trip to send one of them to the army. Their night out takes a horrible turn when one ends up in the hospital and the rest are arrested for manslaughter.

“You could’ve just walked away. Why’d you meddle in other’s affairs? Would your help make the world a better place? Did you think people were gonna fucking thank you?”

One Way Trip is a horribly powerful and stirring. It shows that people are quick to blame others and one’s life is a fragile thing. Things can change quicker than you realize.

The cast has already made a name for themselves and here they prove themselves once again. The plot is gripping and heart wrenching in a way that makes you unable to turn away from the screen.

“I only did the right thing.”

I felt physically sick every single time the police didn’t listen to the boys. Corrupt police officers and wrongly accused people are common in movies and dramas, but in One Way Trip there is no one who actually listens to the accused. The one police officer who believed them was silenced by his co workers and by the pressure their department faced. The ones in power are once again the ones that pull the strings behind the scenes and manipulate and ruin the lives of others in order to survive themselves.

Glory Days / One Way Trip is a movie about human nature and the appalling reality of it.


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