My Annoying Brother (형)


Doo Yeong (D.O from EXO) is a rising judo star but after an accident he loses his vision. His estranged brother Doo Shik (Jo Jung Suk) uses this to get parole from jail. Can the two brothers mend their relationship?

My Annoying Brother has a heart wrenching story line but still it isn’t heart wrenchingly sad. It managed to hold onto the positive side of living and provided a hopeful ending where Doo Yeong accepted and outshined himself despite his injury. Doo Shik got in touch with his heart just in time to do something good and live his life right once.

As always I love D.O’s acting. There isn’t a role that this talented individual couldn’t do. Park Shin Hye was surprisingly tolerable: probably because she didn’t have a love line or a kiss scene. For once, she didn’t seem awkward on-screen.

Unlike what I heard of the movie I was pleasantly surprised. It was humane without making me bawl my eyes out. It was sad but the lovely story out shined the sadness.


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