Don’t Forget Me (나를 잊지 말아요)


Seok Won (Jung Woo Sung) has no memories of the past ten years. One day he meets Kim Jin Young (Kim Ha Neul) and the two quickly fall in love. But is it good or bad that Seok Won’s memories are slowly starting to return? What happened in the past and why is Jin Young in his memories?

“Perhaps things that I can’t remember are better forgotten?”

Don’t Forget Me leaves me almost wordless. First the movie’s plot moved on so fast (and yet nothing major happened) that I wondered where this would lead and then BAM, the real revelations hit. The past and the present mix to a touching and heart breaking story. Don’t Forget Me is about love, dedication and faith. It’s a movie that has to be watched without knowing about what really happened to its characters in the past before they show it to you.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to remember now. I’ll tell you again every day.”

Now, I had pretty big expectations for this movie. What can else can you really expect with Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul as the leads? The two don’t disappoint but as potent as the plot was it still left me wanting something more. Don’t Forget Me is touching yet somehow hard to understand. The movie can’t be put into words.




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