The Prison (더 프리즌)


Song Yoo Geon’s (Kim Rae Won) brother dies while investigating a prison. He then gets himself convicted and transferred to the same prison. He approaches the man who controls the prison Jeong Ik Ho (Han Seok Kyu) to find out the crimes that the prisoners commit outside. They’re untouchable and invincible.

Wow. The Prison is a crazy ride. Jeong Ik Ho controls everything from the inside and manages to live like a king. If someone dares to cross him it will be the last mistake they make. The characters are violent and crazy yet still living the time of their lives.

The soundtrack, actors and plot of this movie make this an action movie worth a watch. Kim Rae Won is amazing as always as a crazy bastard who spends more time in solitary than anywhere else. It was actually hard to believe at first that he went in to catch bad guys when he seems like one so much himself. 🙂



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