The Housemaid (하녀)


Lee Eun Yi (Jun Do Yeon) becomes a nanny at a rich household. Despite the difficulties of the job she likes her job. One night, she has an affair with the master of the house (Lee Jung Jae). Later she founds out that she is pregnant. No one is safe from the women of the house and everyone will suffer.

What did I just watch? I can’t seem to put together a single coherent thought. The movie was nothing like I expected and at the same time it was just like I thought. The affair, suffering and overall plot were like I expected but the subtle tone and almost round about way of describing the incidents happening in the house were not what I expected.

So was The Housemaid worth it? I don’t think so. There was no culmination in the movie. No high point from where things could have progressed for the better or worse. The Housemaid seemed like scenes were hurriedly glued together to make a movie without much thought to emotions of the watcher.


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