Innocent Thing / Thorn (가시)


Joong Gi (Jang Hyuk) is a married teacher at an all girls high school. One day he a student named Yeong Eun (Jo Bo Ah) catches his attention with her fearless behavior. The two start an affair but after Joong Gi wants to end it, Yeong Eun changes and makes life hell for Joong Gi.

First of all WOW. What a movie. I am breathless from it. The plot of Innocent Thing is  actually over shadowed by the astonishing acting of the main cast. Jo Bo Ah was amazing as a delusional, crazy, and OBSESSIVE lover who refuses to let go. One second she was a sweet, innocent high school girl who loved the color pink and strawberry milk and the next she is playing around with a carpet knife, scaring the hell out of me with just the look in her eyes.

Jang Hyuk was sad, alone and so tired of his life that he fell for the (seemingly) bright and innocent young girl who was still full of life. The two actors were stunning in their roles.

Innocent Thing is a seriously underappreciated movie that takes its watcher to a psychotic ride that they don’t want to leave.


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