Memory Lost Review (Seasons 1 & 2 & 3)


This is a review. Read more about the drama without spoilers here.

Su Mian (Yang Rong) and Han Chen (Bai White) found each other and got together but was there a happy ending for us watchers?

Depends on whose side you were on. Let me elaborate on the good and the bad things Memory Lost offered.


Firstly our main couple. In the first “season” I couldn’t wait until Su Mian and Han Chen got together. After they got together I started to hope for more of the alphabet syndicate. Yes, they were cute together, but to me it seemed that at the same time that they realized that they were the person they missed, they realized that it means that they have to love each other. They didn’t really “fall in love”, they got back together and went straight to living together after realizing their identities.

“Protecting you isn’t only my responsibility, but my greatest desire in life.”

And then Han Chen started with his great mission. Delivering the cheesiest lines imaginable with a straight face. Sigh. I love cute couples but apparently up to a certain point.

The first focused on the main couple finding each other but after the Alphabet Syndicate was introduced things started to get interesting. From the flash backs the drama offered and the voice clips of S, it was easy to guess who really was S. That kind of ruined the revelation as to who he was, but still I really liked the idea of the Alphabet Syndicate.


S (Li Evan) was their North Star. Guiding them onwards and giving them the life they wanted. In turn they promised their loyalty to him and followed his lead. S was a true criminal mastermind. He managed to gather such different kinds of people around him and make them loyal to him willingly. They were an odd kind of family to each other.

The members of his syndicate really admired him and looked up to him and that’s why I was disappointed that the drama made them fall apart so easily in the end. In my mind, they wouldn’t have risen up against their leader.

S’s love/obsession towards Su Mian was a great addition. Even before he remembered his love for her and was just a friend for Su Mian I hoped that she would see the love and dedication he had for her. In the end I hoped that she would end up together with him, but of course that didn’t happen. S loved the regular, warm life that Su Mian represented and offered. That turned her into his obsession for years, but he did try to chance for her.

Again, if the romance between Su Mian and Han Chen had been more convincing I probably would not hold a candle to S, a murderer and a psychopath, but somehow he seemed really sincere towards Su Mian and that made me sad that he didn’t get his love. He was hated based on a principle. My only consolation is that he didn’t die in the end.

I really want to give each member of the Alphabet Syndicate some recognition for making the drama interesting until the end. So, here they are, the reasons I managed to finish this drama.



Like I said, S was their North Star. Their leader that guided them.




T (Yalkun Merxat) was a kid that S found and raised. He was a sniper and one of the two in the group who didn’t feel the need to kill. Still he had no trouble doing so.



A (Zhang Yi Jie) is the youngest one in the group. He is an explosive expert with a child like character. He was Su Mian’s “little brother” in the group.



R’s (Tian Tim) specialty was computers. He also looked after the other members, for example by deleting CCTV images etc.



L was a germaphobe perfectionist who killed with the poisons E made for him. He loved E but as we all know she was obsessed with someone else…




E (Sun Cindy) didn’t kill anyone herself but she worked as a team with L. She was in charge of creating the poisons. She was obsessively in love with Han Chen.




K (Qi Ji) was a famous psychologist and a hypnotist. He didn’t get his hands dirty while killing: he hypnotized his victims to kill themselves or two kill each other etc. He was heartless and had no mercy even for his family members.



Last but not least we have M (Zhao Yi Qin), a painter who creates something new with his kills and Su Mian as H. Her “specialty” was making her (fake)murders look like accidents. I really do give her credit for always running in those high heels and mini shorts… Not an easy task.


Now even though Memory Lost didn’t really shine with its romance, special effects or too sped up action scenes, it had a good OST and the bad guys were interesting. Had they really gone deeper into the story of the Alphabet Syndicate and their made the drama darker, Memory Lost would have shined. Now it is a lukewarm meh with a twist.


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