Attention, Love! (稍息立正我愛你) Review

This review contains minor spoilers for the drama. Read my Currently Watching article here.


Here’s a small recap of the plot: Before being born Li Zheng (Chiu Prince) and Shao Xi (Tseng Joanne) were promised to marry each other. Li Zheng leaves for Japan after the death of his parents. Now he returns to Taiwan and moves in to Shao Xi’s house. Despite the two having completely different personalities they soon become friends and perhaps something more.

Now did the two become something more? Yes, they did but (the hated but) at the end of the drama. Remember when I said this: “Attention, Love! doesn’t have the slowness or horrible plot like some of the Taiwanese dramas that I’ve been unfortunate enough to try to watch. Attention, Love! is a fresh, interesting and sweet drama that has its hooks deep inside me.” Well, I was wrong.

Attention, Love! lured a blue-eyed, innocent watcher like me in with its good first episodes but it fell into the usual Taiwanese drama trope that consists of a good beginning, a middle where absolutely nothing happens and a glossed over ending. The writers added a secondary and a third couple to the mix and spent all the time covering them when in the end they didn’t even get an ending: they didn’t get together and the watcher feels that the time spent watching this drama is reduced to being meaningless.

Now to Li Zheng. I won’t spare him either. The “scary side” I was all excited about in my CW didn’t exist. At all. Sigh. All my hopes just thrown out the window by a writer who promises me something to look forward to and then -as usual- forgets that she even added that into the plot. Shao Xi spent the whole drama pining and crying over him. I mean does Tseng Joanne have any tears left….?

As a final note, if I hear Carpenter’s Close to You one more time I am going to lose my mind. An OST is supposed to have more than one song.


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