Currently Watching; You’re Me Pet (Kimi wa Petto) 2017


After breaking up with her long time boyfriend Sumire Iwaya (Iriyama Noriko) goes home and finds a boy (Shison Jun) beaten and hidden in a cardboard box. She takes him home and cares for him but after getting better he doesn’t want to leave. She gives him a chance: he can stay as her pet.

Kimi wa Petto is a remake of a 2003 drama of the same name that starred Matsumoto Jun as Momo and Kato Koyuki as Iwaya Sumire. Although this new version does follow the same plot line, the characters are somewhat different from what they were in 2003.


Sumire is a warm-hearted woman who strives to be perfect. This and her exceptionally good schooling makes her look like a cold business woman who lives for her career. She does like her work but Sumire wants a relationship. After her breakup she’s lonely and Momo manages to bring her warmth.

Goda Takeshi, or Momo as his pet name goes, doesn’t mind being Sumire’s pet. He has someone looking after him, cooking for him, petting him and a roof over his head. You could almost say he’s made for the job: he’s clumsy and likes to day dream. Takeshi is a very talented dancer who has run away from home to follow his dream.

The relationship between Sumire and Momo is sweet. They both need each other. They quickly become each other’s family. They like to spend time with each other, look after each other and look for the other for warmth and comfort. Can they really be just a pet and master…?

Like in the original version, Sumire has a school time love named Hasumi Shigehito (Takezai Terunosuke). He comes to work for the same company as Sumire and starts to woo her.

So which one is better: the original or this remake? I like this version too but I’m going to have to go with the original. I watched it when I at the beginning of my “drama watching career” and I liked the characters. Although this 2017 version has in some aspects improved its character(s), mainly Sumire, but I find her stiff too and this drama has some added some things I’m not so fond of.

These “dating tips” are my biggest issue…

Still even having watched all the versions of this story and with this version’s small quirks, I still find myself enjoying the story of these two being there for each other and falling in love.

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