Very Ordinary Couple (연애의 온도)


Dong Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Jang Young (Kim Min Hee) dated for a long time and then broke up. But break ups are hard. People become childish, they want revenge and have a hard time letting the other person go. That’s what happens to Dong Hee and Jang Young. Are the two really over or will they get back together?

Besides the good chemistry and the numerous hilarious situations the main leads made each other go through the movie also highlighted their workplace’s very mixed relationships.

“Does everyone breakup like this? Love is beautiful, but why is breaking up so ugly?”

Very Ordinary Couple’s greatest point its it real life humor that it brings out naturally. The comedic situations are abundant. Very Ordinary Couple is good for a laugh and a pick up but it also makes you realize that relationships are not simple and without fights and trouble. Life is about meeting people and, sometimes, moving on.


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