Currently Watching; Jugglers (저글러스)


Jwa Yoon Yi (Baek Jin Hee) is an assistant who gets assigned to a new boss Nam Chi Won (Choi Daniel) who never wanted an assistant. She wants to know everything about him and be a perfect assistant to him yet he refuses to let her help. Can she make him change his way and maybe their close relationship will bloom into something more..?

I love Jugglers. I’m so surprised that I found a new love so soon after the ending of Because This Is My First Life. Jugglers is sweet and slow with its characters. They’re relatable and eccentric and funny in a way that has me laughing out loud.

Jwa Yoon Yi is a dedicated assistant to her boss. She always answers their calls and does whatever is required of her to be the perfect support for them.

“There’s nothing assistants don’t know.”

She knows everything there is to know about her former boss but Nam Chi Won proves to be a tougher nut to crack. What he doesn’t know is that she won’t give up until she can do her job and even more.

Nam Chi Won is an eccentric Managing Director with a clear way to work. He doesn’t like taking part in the office gossip, the team dinners or meetings. He likes silence and people doing their job efficiently. He has never had an assistant since he doesn’t think he needs one. Nam Chi Won believes in respect and equality and refuses to listen to rubbish even from his superiors.

This is how you flip someone off unnoticeably.

This reaction was priceless.

Nam Chi Won is a divorcee and pretty much broke because of his alimony. His hobbies include reading manhwa and writing down memorable and cool lines from them. Despite his unwillingness to have an assistant he is forced to have one.

“I will stick to him like glue.”

Jwa Yoon Yi refuses to give up and sticks around and slowly he can’t help but warming up to him a bit by bit.

Director Hwangbo Yool (Lee Won Geun) is a cutie heir to the company they all work for. No matter how cute he is, he’s the nightmare of assistants and has gone through 88 of them already…

Now after watching this drama you can’t say to me that these two are not meant for each other. They’re similar yet different: a perfect combo. What surprised me is the fact that Nam Chi Won is a divorcee. It’s good that dramas address life after divorce and possibly remarriage.

Besides being a boss and an assistant, the two also start living in the same house as land lady and renter. This of course, brings some extra tension to the office and increases the time they spend together.

My face realizing Sung Hoon just had a cameo here.

Well, all ranting aside, I love this drama and believe that it’ll only become more entertaining as the walls around our characters start to fall down. I actually started this without any information about it just based on its funny poster and I haven’t regretted the decision for a second. Jugglers is funny, relatable and a perfect way to spend an evening.

Find my review for the drama here.


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