The Best, Meh, and Worst Dramas from 2017!

The year approaches its end and as I look back at the past drama year I realize that I’m a bit disappointed. The past two years I have raved about the year being a fantastic year for dramas yet this year I can’t. I actually dropped more dramas than I completed… The best series seem to have been reserved for the end of the year so I’ll just list my favorite dramas here even though some of them have not finished airing yet.

My Favorites

Because This is My First Life


Because This is My First Life is without a question the best drama of this year. It was sweet, original and funny. It’s characters were a breath of fresh air and it dealt with some key social issues. Pure gold.

Currently Watching; Because This Is My First Life

Because This is My First Life Review

Chief Kim


Chief Kim comes as a close second to This is My First Life. Chief Kim was hilarious with his antics and Junho’s bad guy who turned good was heart warming. The duo’s bromance was without a peer and will forever remain as one of the best (odd) friendships in dramaland.

Currently Watching; Chief Kim

Chief Kim Review

Queen of Mystery


“You fell for my charm. I warned you.

I did. I loved this drama. An unlikely bickering duo solving crimes and the best thing is that we’re getting a second season!

Currently Watching; Queen of Mystery

Queen of Mystery Review

Honorary Mentions (since they’re still airing)



I love the chemistry and story here: they just keep getting better! A rom com that is done right!

Currently Watching; Jugglers

Wise Prison Life


Wise Prison Life is amazing with its characters and their stories. It’s touching and captivating, a must watch.

Currently Watching; Wise Prison Life

Other Good Dramas from This Year



Whisper deserves some praise because it was interesting right until its last minutes.

— For a revenge melo it’s not easy to keep the plot sane — but Whisper managed to do that and actually delivered twists and turns that weren’t overly done. The sides and schemes changed fast but remained interesting and kept me watching.

The plot was good yet what really captured me here was the characters and acting. Whisper deserves applauds.

Currently Watching; Whisper

Whisper Review: Learning the Law of Life

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon    &    Fight for My Way

Both basic rom coms that were enjoyable while I watched them yet they gave nothing special to rave about.

Currently Watching; Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review

Currently Watching; Fight For My Way

Chicago Typewriter     &     Missing 9

Chicago Typewriter and Missing 9 both had some good things and bad things. The good things kept me watching until the end but I can’t forget the bad completely either. So mixed feelings with these two dramas.

Currently Watching; Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter Review: New life, Another Chance

Currently Watching; Missing 9

Missing 9 Review

Some of the Dramas I Dropped…

Currently Watching; While You Were Sleeping    &    Currently Watching; Voice

Currently Watching; The Universe’s Star    &    Currently Watching; Circle

Currently Watching; Two Cops    &    Currently Watching; Tomorrow With You

Currently Watching; Secret Forest    &    Currently Watching; Revolutionary Love

Currently Watching; Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People & Currently Watching; Man to Man

Currently Watching; Black    &    Currently Watching; The Liar and His Lover

Currently Watching; Bride of the Water God    &    Currently Watching; Lookout

Currently Watching; Introverted Boss    &    Currently Watching; Black Knight

and more…

Movie Highlights

Now although most of the dramas from this year didn’t excel, a couple of movies captured me completely.

The King


The King immediately entered my favorite movie list. The actors, the plot, the message of it all. The King was perfect.

The Prison


The Prison is a crazy ride well worth taking.

The Merciless


To trust or not to trust? The Merciless was exceptional with its characters and their relationships.

One Way Trip / Glory Day


One Way Trip is horribly powerful and stirring. A movie almost too honest about human nature.



I admit that I watched this to see Lee Jong Suk play a North Korean but this movie had much more to offer. V.I.P. left me speechless because it address some very real political issues that need to be addressed.

Well, I think I’ve blabbered on for too long again 🙂 Let’s hope 2018 will bring us only great dramas!

Happy New Year to everyone!

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