Currently Watching; Queen of Mystery 2 (추리의 여왕2)


The Duo is Back!!

The second season of Mystery Queen continues right from where the first season ended. The chemistry is more than alive between Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) and Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee), but the biggest mysteries are yet to be solved. Is Ha Yeon Soo alive and who plotted her death? What happened to Seol Ok’s parents? Are Seol Ok and Wan Seung a match made in heaven and can they admit to their feeling?

I’m not going to spend more time on the plot or the characters, as you can read more about them in my Currently Watching article for the first season. I just want to gush about the amazingness of this drama!

Mystery Queen 2 jumps right into action as the romance between Seol Ok and Wan Seung is heating up! Seol Ok has gotten divorced and it is more than obvious that the two like each other. They spent all their time together solving crimes and even live across each other. Come on, just get together! The tension is killing me here (although I love it)!

Now there are some changes that the second season has besides Seol Ok’s new-found single life. Her style has also completely changed. Where during the first season she looked like a house wife with her clothes and style, now she is really selling her single status. She has colorful young clothes and even her whole presence seems younger.

Luckily our rugged Detective Ha is still his irresistible self. The two still argue and the banter I fell in love with is alive, but now the chemistry is scorching like I said.

This second season also sees other changes to the drama itself. The special effects and CGI used in the drama are high quality and it shows. This is just a perfect drama: the characters are natural, the story moving ahead at full speed and clearly they have invested in the production. The irresistible duo is really back more alluring than ever!

Find my first season Currently Watching article and Review here.

Read my review for the second season here.


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