Just Between Lovers (그냥 사랑하는 사이) Review

This is a review and contains some spoilers. Read my Currently Watching article to find more about the plot and characters without spoilers.


I’m still drying my tears. Just Between Lovers was an amazing drama. It was sometimes heavy and dark yet it was gripping and attention stealing from the beginning to the end. The characters and their stories, the main leads and supporting actors, made almost a perfect combination together.

Kang Doo and Moon Soo deserved their happiness. The ending had me crying rivers as I was certain that Kang Doo died and the writer wanted to wrench our heart until the end, but I was so happy to see them together in the end.

I also loved the side characters and their romances, both Ma Ri (Yoon Se Ah) and Jung Yoo Taek (Tae In Ho) and Kim Wan Jin (Park Hee Bon) and Jin Young (Kim Min Kyu). They had first-rate stories behind them and they all deserved happiness.

“I’m in the middle of getting used to my misery again.” -Kang Doo

Like I said in my CW: “Just Between Lovers may not be a light watch but it is worth it. The heartbreak and life after a tragedy are palpable. Jun Ho and Won Jin Ah are great in their roles. The drama works its watcher: you get attached and can’t help supporting the characters in the lives they live now.” Their pain and wishes for the future simply struck a chord and will stay with me.

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